No ordinary beauty…

Private and operating mostly by referral, The Gilded Nest is a residential and commercial interior decoration and home decor company, also creating gorgeous gardens.

With increasingly contemporary trends, the company’s owner saw a large gap in the international market for her beloved European and Victorian design style. She has strong ties to the Victorian era and French designs, with French-British maternal heritage. She also adores creating refined, lush formal gardens with attention to detail and symmetry.

The owner began the company working alone, and slowly put together a small group of passionate artists, decorators and designers, to cater to an exclusive global clientele demanding the very best in style, elegance and quality.

Some of our international clients include hotels, retail shops, commercial offices, luxury homes, luxury apartment lobbies, commercial showrooms, restaurants and photographic studios around the world.


luxury interior decoration
Luxury interior design


If you find minimalist and modern decor distasteful, and crave the luxurious opulence of French Baroque & Victorian or French country & Provincial feels, The Gilded Nest will make your dreams come true.

Tired of the industry practices of limited choices, non-transparent pricing, attitude and arrogance, The Gilded Nest aims to provide an exceptionally high quality of service and style, whilst maintaining transparency, a warm attitude and an open mind. Like a hybrid decorator-concierge, we go out of our way to find the things you want, and create your dream look.

We like to establish quality, long-term business relationships with our lovely clients. We tailor our services to you, operating with respect and integrity. Our aim is to provide a result beyond your dreams. The creativity within our group is exceptional, and you can expect to find solutions to all your difficult home areas.

Sourcing beautiful furniture pieces, fabrics & accessories from all over the world to suit your preferences & design, we provide an exclusive, elegant interior decor design service. Researching the most perfect plants to suit your garden, style and climate, we deliver a truly beautiful finish of which you’ll be very proud.

We’re not content with our clients just being happy – we’d like you to be overjoyed and delighted! Be inspired today. Call or email us for a chat. We look forward to making you smile.


Professional Commercial and Residential Interior Decoration and Magnificent Gardens. Opulent European Interior Decor