Specializing In Gorgeous Interior Decoration & Landscaping

From French Country & Provincial, to opulent Baroque & Victorian, to sleek modern comfort,  we create that perfect look to suit your luxury home, hotel or business. Inside and out, we beautify your decor and landscaping. Some of our clients include hotels, retail shops, commercial offices, luxury homes, luxury apartment lobbies, commercial showrooms, restaurants and photographic studios, worldwide.


Professional Interior Decorator Sydney

Sydney offers a wide range of decorators and interiors professionals. You can find Sydney commercial interiors and home decorator contacts. When you seek something opulent and out of the ordinary, The Gilded Nest creates gorgeous luxury European decor and finishes.

We wave our magic wand over your space and transform it. If you want the look of a French country mansion, a Victorian palace, or a French Baroque grand castle, we make your space exquisite. For interiors that make people say ‘wow’, call The Gilded Nest, professional interior decorators for commercial and residential homes.


Professional Interior Decoration London

Professional interior decorating services London UK. London holds a wealth of homes in need of a professional kiss. If you’re seeking Knightsbridge interior decorators or a Chelsea commercial interiors company, look no further.

Allow The Gilded Nest Interiors to make your London residential home or commercial space one you love to come home to! Our professional decorators in London love to use a magic wand on your space and transform the energy and aesthetics of your day to day life.

Elegant Interior Decoration Paris

Paris is the hub of gorgeous architecture and  classique interior decor. However, sadly many homes are not decorated to their full potential. If you are seeking elegant interiors akin to the George V hotel, and are repulsed by cold modern looks and generic mainstream furniture, The Gilded Nest is your perfect choice for a home or business in Paris.

Providing elegant, classic, yet European flavours throughout our clients’ spaces, we detest minimalist and modern looks. Contemporary is one thing, but ‘modern’ can be hideous and soulless. If you agree, and seek a welcoming, high end atmosphere, please contact us.

Always creating a clean, fresh finish, we incorporate classic European with contemporary techniques, resulting in relaxed, comfortable, welcoming opulence. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and we prefer to behold luxurious, classical, timeless beauty!